Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Protein Prepared.....

What's that? You don't recognize the dish? Why, it's my special Cajun chicken.
Go ahead and laugh - just do it behind my back. I don't know if my tender heart can take it today. It's been a day.
Yeah, this was the outcome of my barbecuing 10 fresh chicken breasts. Fuck. My intentions were so good - to be protein prepared! And then I had to go and have a fight with one of the Chaw girls and forgot completely about the chicken on the barbecue, until I could smell the chicken-turned-charcoil continuing to fossilize as it burned at the 600 degrees that I had the barbecue cranked up to. UGHHHHHHHHH
I tried to salvage some of the meat on the inside, but there are only a few things in this world dryer than the meat left inside those breasts - one involves a nun and the other is the turkey on grandma's kitchen table. no go.
It was just one of those friggin' days. This here chicken symbolizes it.


Anonymous said...

oooohhhh what was the fight about???

Magnolia said...

Ya- what was the fight about?
If it makes you feel better- I too am familiar with Cajun or otherwise "blacknd" chicken. In face I recall losing almost a whole Thanksgiving turkey on the bbq. It was the two foot flames and smoke billowing out of the bbq that brought our attention to it.
Shit happens. That's life.
Chin up J.

J.Rube said...

as if I'm going to talk about the fight here in front of everyone..... you silly girls...
It's been resolved, that's all I'll say. and it was mostly my reactive, hormonal and defensive words that made it a fight in the first place. So,I'll never tell.
And today is a better day.

Magnolia said...

Very mature of you. And respectful of your friend. I should have known better.
Glad it was a better day.

mlatulip said...

Are you sure that the photo isn't of your 2lb. crap you took this morning? :)

Winsome said...

I'm laughing. I can't believe you took the time to put it in a nice white serving dish!

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