Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Goslings join the Rubes

As you can see, a gosling or two is the perfect pet for a bossy almost 4 year old. They would follow S.Rube to the ends of the earth, and she'd be more than happy to take them there.
Poor T.Rube struggles just to keep up.
(don't you love the cacophony of sheep in the background? The only thing missing for you all is the sound of dear Julio, which I'll capture for you at a later date.....)


Magnolia said...

Oh my gosh that is sooooooooooo cute. I love the little movie clip.
So do you learn to block out the constant baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Renee said...

They are CUTE! Look at their little eyes. Too cute. I can see why the Gatherer had to buy those this weekend. :) Lol. The video is GREAT! More! More! I love seeing what your property looks like. I have been daydreaming about living on several acres someday, and hope that our next dwelling place will be a rural one. We've done the urban thing, and now the suburban...time to try out some country living! Lol. We'll see....


Buttercup said...

Oh how cute! I don't want any thankyouverymuch but they are a cute addition to the menagerie!

Anonymous said...

BigKat found a baby squirrel that had been abandoned and was about half frozen. He thought he would let the girls raise it and keep it as a pet. I.don't.think.so.
Thank God it seemed to perk up before he let them see it and he then decided it wasn't such a good idea. A squirrel is only a cute rodent.


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