Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tomorrow morning.....

....this country girl is getting up early, ALONE, and heading to the 8 am opening of an annual shoe sale. There's a pair of Richard Tyler shoes that I saw in the flyer that I want.

B.Rube doesn't know it yet, but I may just stay out all day long. I figure I'm due for a day on my own.
Thanks, in advance, for your support, B.Rube. I know it'll be forthcoming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I saw at least three pairs in the flyer that I NEED.....I didn't know they opened that early....I may have to stop on the way to work (yeah from Langley to Richmond!).

My big problem with new shoes is PapaB. He's not like other Papas....you know...."are those new"...."no, I've had these for years - you've never noticed?".

PapaB seems to have a photographic memory and not only does he have a mental catalogue of all my shoes and purses, but he keeps track of my other shopping weakness - picture frames!

Sigh - have fun shopping!


Magnolia said...

I am so not into anything lately. Maybe this one could meet his needs (and maybe mine too.)

Magnolia said...

Shows where my brain is NOT. I put a comment up on this one for the hump day post. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

MaMaT --- I can't seem to stop myself from picture frames either!!!!
Just love them.
I'm glad PaPaG has no clue about my purchases. Yes, I'll admit I sometimes wait till he's in bed and then unload my trunk of goodies.


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