Friday, May 2, 2008

The Weight of a Good Shit

Don't underestimate it - the weight of a good shit.

As I've touched briefly on before, I've become a bit obsessed with weighing myself. Mostly, it's just the torture of it all that I must somehow feel I deserve...but there's really still a hopeful piece of me that wants to see that I've magically dropped 7 lbs overnight, too.

Not friggin' likely.

The diet and exercise plan is running beautifully. Monday and Wednesday's personal training sessions went incredibly. I continue to eat a high protein, low carb diet - and my carbs are coming entirely from green vegetables and the occasional little piece of fruit. I've had no red meat this week for protein - only chicken, turkey, tuna, lots of cottage cheese, and a ton of protein powder. I've had no starches whatsoever - no bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no crackers. I haven't cheated yet this week (cuz I've been saving it up for tomorrow night!!!!). I feel great. Except that I still haven't really lost any weight.

Why are we so obsessed with seeing the numbers? If I didn't have a scale right now, I would swear that I'd lost about 10 lbs already. That's how my body feels. My muscles feel hard and tight. And I look different, too; the body is changing. But, I went into this with a weight loss goal in mind and now I'm having trouble letting that go.

This morning, as always, before getting dressed, but after peeing, I stood on the scale. 139.7
I rolled my eyes and went on with my morning. Got dressed, put the coffee on and then returned to the bathroom for a morning release.

Just totally out of curiosity (and, okay...a bit of obsession), I stood on the scale again.
137.4 - and that's with clothes.

Now, if I can only perfect the master dump a couple of times a day, I'll be set.

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Magnolia said...

It's unfortunate that we are so obsessed with the "number". I weigh myself everymorning...naked after a pee....and everynight before bed...naked after a pee. there is usually a 2or 3 pound difference morning to night. But...I am trying lately not to react. I use it more as a gauge.
My FEEL better...physically and mentally.
Keep up the good work J.Rube...its really about how you feel. And you look fantastic...
By the way...I have some really yummy salad recipes that are actually veggie meals that qualify as a whole meal including proteins cause it mixes black beans with cooled millet porridge and avacado and other yummy stuff. If you are interested let me know. It is soooooo good.

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