Friday, April 25, 2008

Figure it Out

Look. You're just going to have to figure out how to raise your own damn kids today, okay? I'm too busy raising mine.

(Better yet - leave your #1 Parenting Tip in the comments section so that at least you all learn something here today in my absence!)
(and, yes, your favourite martini recipe DOES indeed count as a tip, as a matter of fact....)


Magnolia said...

My tips?

1. Get in tight with the grandparents so you can leave them there often.

2. Your best friend is the DVD player.

3. Got a baby? Need a shower? Own an exersaucer. Plop your kid in it outside the shower and off you go. (they really should be able to sit up for this- though shoving a blanket around them and under the arms helps stabelize an almost sitter)

4. Have a new one and want to sleep at night. SHUT THE MONITOR OFF!!! That way you won't hear every little noise and go running for nothing. If they need you they'll yell. LOL


5. A bucket of water....some plastic cups and bowls etc. outside in the warm sun and you have hours of time to relax and read a book while they play. Kids and water..and dirt for that matter...go hand in hand. (You may want to stay near by so that you can save the younger one when the older one tries to shove the younger one head first into the bucket of water. Just sayin')

How's that J.Rube?

I got more gems like these if you need em. LOL

Buttercup said...

Don't worry about it. Let the kid pretty much explore their world and it will work out.

If it drops on the ground and is covered with dirt don't panic if they put it in their mouth, they will learn eating dirt sucks.

Oh no they are going to fall! Let them they will learn to be careful!

Seriously unless it will really really hurt them...let them try. That is how they will learn.

Mom of 5 said...

1. Let someone else watch them for a day.
2. If someone isn't available, there is always TV.
3. If the TV won't work, there's always duct tape.

Okay, I'm kidding. The #1 way I can get the kids out of my hair is to take a moment and make some sort of crafty thing that will keep them busy. My favorite is play doh. Use koolaid to color it and make it scented. After it is made, they will happily play with it (and sometimes taste it, just because they can), while you can get other things done. Throw some cookie cutters, a plastic knife, and an old rolling pin in there and they will be in heaven.

Sidewalk chalk on warm days is another way to relax or get things done while they play.

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