Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bento Baby!

Thought that I'd share some of my bento creations from this week. I wanted to show you these cool little 'plates' that I picked up at Walmart on clearance. They make perfect meals for the girls at home here.... where no food is touching each other. This was T.Rube's - she had some chili and some pasta shells with broccoli and cheese, and some yoghurt for dessert.

Here was a lunch on another day. Even mac & cheese isn't a sure thing when it comes to S.Rube. She may or may not choose to eat any of it on any given day. (and, yes, for those of you wondering, she DID eat the chocolate chips first.) Hers is the one with the cucumber, her only vegetable option. T.Rube got soybeans.

And, finally, S.Rube's school snack on Tuesday, complete with a slice of her homemade banana bread, some ham, cheese, crackers and fruit snacks. I always put a sticker in her school snacks, that she puts on the back of her hand at snack time, and thinks about me.

In a weak moment on Friday night, I ordered a whole bunch more of the Wilton's silicone cups - all different shapes, sizes and colours - from I'm super excited for their arrival!!


AppleTree 43 said...

Can you make my lunch?
I don't even eat that good.

Magnolia said...

Can you use regular muffin liners?

J.Rube said...

Yep. Use anything you like really. But, that's all they are - the silicone baking cups.

Magnolia said...

I feel a Dollarama visit coming on!!!!
Thanks for the ideas- again.

Winsome said...

So that is what you were ordering from Amazon! cool idea. Your lunches are a work of art.

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