Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Position of the Week: The Spoon

Awwwwww....this one's a snuggly one. (either that, or the chick has fallen asleep and that dirty bird is trying to break in!) There's something about having skin-to-skin contact up and down your entire body that makes this a nice one. The woman in front feels like the guy is being affectionate and loving, even with very little effort. So, it's a win-win.

This isn't a position of great depth, so if the diddy is itty-bitty, then this won't be the best lovelatch to try. But, it is a nice intimate one. And it is a nice lazy one. And it is a nice quiet one (I don't call it the "guest room position" for nothing! There's no chance of the bedposts knocking the walls with this one.)

This position also requires very little physical gymnastic ability, so is good for the injured, the aged, the overweight, and the pregnant populations. The only problem you might run into is finding the right hole. No need to be squeaky clean here or to have brushed your teeth either. A little lube might help, though, because there's often not a lot of foreplay involved to set this one up.

If any one of you dare ask me which one the guy is and which one the girl is, I may have to slap you....or, better yet, I'll spank you. (hmmmm.... maybe that's what we need.... a few accessories....).

Let's see what some of the Chaw girls had to say about this one:

TR says: This is a definite favorite around here. It works well when I'm feeling tired and don't want to do much work. :) It's also a great one to use when a child might walk in on you. You can even stay under the covers with this one! It's very close and intimate and allows for some nice, easy snuggling immediately afterwards. There are some positions that you are anxious to get out of as soon as the deed is done....this is not one of those. I could spoon with the hubby for hours. :)

Squeaky VanDusit says: We love this position, but it seems to only happen when we're sleeping at my parent's place. shhhhhhhh. We make a game of it and see just how quiet and unassuming we can be. Performed it in the same room with others before?? ....perhaps.... The funny thing, too, about this one is that we seem to kiss more than we do when we're facing one another! So long as you can crank your head around, you'll be just fine.

KittyKat says: This usually begins as a Sunday morning cuddle. (after one of us gets up and settles the baby down for another hour or so.) It's nice to snuggle and catch a few more minutes of sleep. Then a little rubbing and stroking start happening. The guy has access to all the goody bits on the girl. Either one can take control and set the pace on this one.
It's an easy one to stop and pretend like you weren't doing anything when the older kids walk in. (it's so much better to say that Daddy was hugging Mommy than that Mommy was riding Daddy like a pony.)
It was also one of the few that we could do when I was 9 months pregnant and the size of a cow!

Lady & the Tramp Stamp says: I am a few weeks behind on the sexual positions thing. We tried the reverse cowgirl this afternoon, though. It took awhile but once we found a good position it was great. Evidently, though, he liked it a lot more than I did and that was the end of that.

I have found this one is not a very good position for guys with small junk. My ex and I tried this position when we were married and it just kept falling out. I had to hold the fucker in and that didn't really work for me.

Mama Bear says: (I am laughing my ass off that Lady & the Tramp's ex has a small dick!) I actually really like this one. Since my legs are together, I feel like I get more "friction". I never have an issue with him pounding my cervix with this one either. I feel like it's a very sweet cuddly position. I like to think this one is more for "making love" than down and dirty raunchy sex. (I love both, but it's a mood thing) I feel like this one is more about "me and my needs". LOL. It's on my list of faves for sure.

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