Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I call "Bullshit!"

Okay, I am guessing by the deafening silence out there that you all think I'm bullshitting you.

Well.... you're right.

I should have stuck with ignoring April Fool's Day, like I have every year since I was about 8. My big joke from the time I was 4 or 5 until the ripe old age of 8 was the same every year. and it was lamer than the pregnancy joke you were witness to here today.
I would run into my parent's room, yelling that it had snowed overnight.
That's it.
There's no more to it. I said it had snowed when it hadn't.

In fact, on second thought, it is strikingly similar to the pregnancy joke in two ways. They are both believable facts; not so outrageous that someone (namely my dad..and you) would instantly dismiss the idea. It could conceivably be true. But, for the mere fact that it is April 1st, the chances are better that it's bullshit. And, secondly, they are truly fucking lame.

So, what would be even funnier almost would be if it WERE true.

(But, it's not.)

I remember in Grade 9, my best friend Sue, called her mom from the pay phone in the cafeteria at lunch time to deliver her April Fool's joke.
Ironically, it, too, was the pregnancy prank. Only her mom believed her.


AppleTree 43 said...

Brat Rube!

Anonymous said...

I believed it........for about 2 seconds.

Better luck next time!


Anonymous said...

Funny you remembering the prank back at WHCI. I barely remember it..but with you egging me on I'm sure I did do it. And I'm also sure my mom fell for it. LOL
This year...with no one to egg me on...I didn't play any pranks. Instead...I was on "alert" because I am so "out to lunch" I am an easy target. Somehow...I made it through the day. I think I may have fallen for your prank if I had seen it. I didn't get on the computer yesterday.


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