Sunday, April 6, 2008

Crash Crawly Hell

It's Sunday. It's rainy. B.Rube is heading to work. And, if the girls cooperate, I'm going to play on the computer all day long....

It's been a busy weekend. And I've not had the chance to sit down and write a thing. As I go through my days, there are a thousand blog entries that I put together in my head. I had the thought as I was driving yesterday that I wish I could create them and post them just simply by thinking about them. It just complicates the process by having to sit down and actually type. So, can someone please get on it? Even if it means surgically installing a computer chip in my head, I might consider it.

I spent yesterday at a place called Crash Crawlies. Every city has one. It is BIRTHDAY PARTY CENTRAL and the last place that anyone would choose willingly to be on a Saturday.... one of those HUGE climbing structure places, complete with germ-infested ball rooms and stinky socks everywhere. You can pick out the part-time dads in the crowd - they are the ones that DO choose willingly to bring their kids there on a Saturday; to make up for their absence every other day of the week, and because it requires no real work on their part interacting with the kids.

S.Rube and T.Rube were overwhelmed and a bit underaged. They wouldn't go anywhere by themselves; clinging desperately to me! So, I reluctantly removed my cowboy boots, grabbed T.Rube under the arm, and started to climb. Partway through, I was sweating profusely and starting to panic a bit; kids of all ages pushing past (those same damn bully kids that walk up the slides); stuck in tunnels that my claustrophobia didn't like; and being dinged with foam balls straight in my open eye by fathers reliving their childhood (you know who you are....jeff... ).
We survived. I'm sure we'll do it again.
Happy Birthday Katelyn!!

(Okay, I still have that damn registration form to work on/get done today... I'll be back with a Sunday Secret...)

Holy crap.... look at this place! No wonder the kids were overwhelmed. It makes me want to scream just seeing this picture again.

Ohhhh.... looky... There's me surrounded by the part-time dads. No wonder I have a big grin on my face.


Anonymous said...

Gawd, I'm having a panic attack just reading about this adventure and you have pictures too!!! I would have walked n and walked right back out. I just can't handle that kind of atmosphere. You, on the other hand, look lovely, relaxed, and slightly smug. (bitch) lol

Anonymous said...

Ya..I feel the same way about Canada's Wonderland...the crowd is crazy and I fear losing my kids. I've been getting away with the Toronto Zoo membership for 4 years now. And only because of the huge water park they put in a few years back. I'm comfortable there now...but not in the beginning.
I have caved and we will get Wonderland Passes even though my heart races and my head hurts just thinking about it. They grow up and need more....I grow up...and want less. HEY...Carson is 11 now. J.Rube and I were taking public transit alone to places like the science centre and chasing the boys at 12 and 13!!! Yikes!!!! (for the record-J.Rube chased and I followed. LOL)


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