Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hydroxycut anyone?

Yesterday was supposed to be my day of big change. I didn't really tell you about it, but I'd been mentally preparing for the last while. Sunday's Secret was part of that process, I guess.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that one of my challenges is staying motivated about what I'm doing. I get kinda bored easily. The reward often falls short of the work required to get there. I'm kinda lazy, then, too, I guess. Particularly when we're talking about diet and exercise. I rollercoaster with all of it. I've gone through years where I work out religiously and then I go for years where I continue to pay a monthly gym fee to a gym I haven't gone to in ages.
The door to daily exercise is available to me. Well, it is until tomorrow. That's when my membership runs out.

Knowing that it was going to run out in April sometime - I signed up and paid for it 15 months ago - put me into a tailspin. Even though I haven't gone to the gym in MONTHS and probably used the thing a total of 11 times, making each visit worth about $35. And I'm still 12 lbs overweight. I panicked.

And when I start to panic and think about the summer season fast approaching and realize that I hate the way my body looks and that I better hurry the fuck up and start doing something about it, I start to eat. hmmmmm. only slight counterproductive, eh? but not unusual.

One of the big motivators for me is that I recently created a deadline for myself - by booking a 7-day Vegas holiday. We leave June 9th. What a perfect way to get in shape for the start of the summer. I'll be fit and tanned. (and then I usually wake up and remember that I'm not 22 anymore and that I'll never look the way that I want again.) So, I have exactly 2 months to get my ass in gear.

After I dropped S.Rube off at preschool last week, I overheard two of the other moms talking about the local gym, where my membership currently is (expiring!!). I joined the conversation and was inspired to start dreaming about regular physical movement again. One of the moms said that the gym has a $55/month flat rate that includes unlimited childminding. I left contemplating that figure all weekend.

I presented the plan last night to B.Rube. Knowing my track record and poor level of commitment to my fitness, he isn't very supportive of pumping money into a gym that I don't use. So, I really had to sell it. At $55/month, he agreed that I give it a try.

I spent the last few days preparing (mostly by bingeing on chocolate and salt & vinegar chips and McDonald's and cheese and crackers and Sprite) and, after getting B.Rube's skeptical blessing last night, I figured out my plan. I'm not going to do the Master Cleanse again right now, although I think I will a couple of weeks before Vegas. ( The Stomach Flu that I tried immediately prior to (and a little bit during) our Vegas trip last year worked absolute wonders for my figure. ) It's amazing what some diarrhea and dehydration can do for the bloat.

I will take back control of what I'm eating though. I will make better choices and I'll definitely stop eating McDonald's and other fast-food high-fat crap. No more little extras or nibbling on chocolate. And no more pop.

And I'll head to the gym and buy that monthly flat-rate deal and start working out. Tomorrow.

So, on Monday morning, I stop in there before going to our mortgage meeting - just to buy the monthly pass. Where I learn the dreadful truth.

$55 is just for the childminding.

It's another $65 for the month's use of the gym.

What a rube I am.

Frig. Frig. Frig. What do I do now?? $120?? I can't do that. (I'm starting to breathe a bit heavily just thinking about it.) That's just too much money to lose when I don't use it.

My plan is currently on hold.


Magnolia said...

Hang in there J.Rube....I get where you're coming from. But I think you need to take a good look in the mirror. You look great for a 30 something mother of two. As far as the last 12 pounds you say you have...you don't need to spend a dime and you know that. You have all the knowledge and know how. You know what eating right looks like and tastes like...you know that you could get the workout you need right in your home or out in your yard. I think you look great and I know you can do this on your own. Save your money for Vegas. (p.s) Wedding Bells in Vegas? Do I need to book a ticket?

Renee said...

Go ahead and start on the food changes right now, J. Rube. There is no reason you have to wait until everything is perfectly set up in order to work towards this goal. Remember, it's about progress, not perfection. :) Cut out the McDonalds, the snacking, the pop. Get outside and take walks or jog with the girls in the stroller. Get an exercise video. Do squats and lunges in the house. Maybe see if you can work a piece of exercise equipment into your budget - if you buy a treadmill or stationary bike, you'll probably spend what you'd pay for 3-4 months at the gym, but you'll have it right in the house and you'll have it forever. I need to get motivated again too.

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