Sunday, April 13, 2008

Synchronicity brought me a cider

It happened again today - that "weird" thing. Like what happened the other night with finding the missing shoe? The thing that my anonymous commenter referred to as "God" and I referred to as "tom-ah-toe".

Okay, let's call it synchronicity and just agree to agree. Isn't that what the Celestine Prophecy called it 15 years ago? You can believe you're synchronizing with God, and I'll believe I'm synchronizing with the Universe. And we'll call it even.
In any case, the synchronicity happened again today.

They say that once you start noticing synchronicities, they'll happen more and more.

So, finding a shoe a few nights ago led me to finding a cider today.

Totally bizarre experience. I went back to visually document it for you.

Setting: Outside the Rube Farm on a sunny warm Saturday afternoon (well...almost afternoon)

After deciding to paint the hen house, I do a couple of trips back and forth from the house to the coop with the supplies I'll need.

On my third trip back from the house:

"Ahhhh. What a beautiful day! I can't believe how freakin' warm it is! and listen to those birds singing! Painting the hen house is a good idea - it's going to look fabulous. I should totally have a nice cold cider while I'm out here. And turn some music on. I wonder what time it is? Is it even noon yet?"

...I continue walking.

"I don't think it is quite twelve yet actually. Oh well, it is twelve o'clock somewhere! I know that much. So, it's fine to have a drink."

....still walking.

"Ah, shit. I forgot that stir stick. I'll just drop this stuff off and then grab a cider at the same time. I have to go back for the cider anyway."

...still walking.

"Mmmmm..... ice cold cider sounds great. Hey. What's that?"

....stop dead in my tracks.

"What the hell??? There's an ice cold cider at my feet. Directly in the middle of my path. That wasn't here 3 minutes ago when I walked through here. That is toooooo fucking weird! I thought about having an ice cold cider and then suddenly there's an ice cold cider thrown directly at my feet??? It's that freaky synchronicity thing again!"


AppleTree 43 said...

It's the Ghost of Rube Farms past.
Loving the idea of you keeping it's property in good shape and rewarding you for your efforts.
I 100% believe in ghosts.

mlatulip said...

That is totally freakin' crazy. How did it taste? Did you drink it?

You are still alive, aren't you?

ps- What kind of cider is this? Pink cider? Never seen it...

J.Rube said...

It was Grower's Kiwi Apple Strawberry.
Flavoured ciders are pretty local drinks, although they've slowly started to infiltrate East a ways. I was finally able to get our cider in Ontario last summer, for example.

There are a few big companies here in BC making very yummy cider drinks, fashioned after Britain's famous ciders (think: Strongbow). We flavour ours with fancy fruits.
Kiwi Strawberry Apple being one of them.
( I deleted a bunch more info about cider, when I realized that I should just do a post about it at some point.... Educate you all, you know??)

Magnolia said...

I got weired out goose bumps. I am skeptical. I think you grabbed it...forgot you did..had it tucked under your arm or fell out to land perfectly on it's bottom...and you happened upon it on one of your many trips for things.
Sorry----hope it didn't ruin it for you.

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