Monday, April 14, 2008

You'll say it's coincidence...

Okay. So it DID have an explanation that I later learned about.
The synchronicity cider, that is.

But, regardless of where the thing came from, who put it there and why it was left in the middle of the path, it is still more than coincidence. This is the problem with most of us humans. As soon as we can find a logical explanation for things, it is just coincidental. The magic is gone.

So, regardless of the fact that T.Rube had gone into B.Rube's workshop and opened his baseball team's cooler, and helped herself to removing a few of the pretty pink ciders that had been buried in ice for a day and a half; that she carried one of the ice cold ciders in the direction of the basement door where I had just travelled minutes earlier; that she got sidetracked and her little hands got too cold, so she stopped where she was and set it down; that she then retreated and was back visiting Julio by the time I returned; that, by all appearances, this glorious cider had been a gift from the universe all for me.

Regardless of all of that, it is still synchronicity. It is more than mere coincidence, because I don't believe that coincidence exists. Things in life line up, moments intersect, one person's motion becomes a piece of someone else's, things happen for a reason. Obviously T.Rube is highly astute and intuitive, possibly even a little mind reader. She knows what her momma wants before I even know myself.

You see? I still thought about having a refreshing cider and when I looked down, it was there. It just doesn't matter how it came to be.
you skeptics....


AppleTree 43 said...

"Eggs laid here.
Enter at your own risk"

I love all your ideas, images, etc.

Anonymous said...

And why wasn't the team thirsty enough to finish all the beverages,becuase you would be in a day and a half for a cider.

Renee said...

No, I won't say it's a coincidence. I'm with you - I fully believe in this synchronicity of which you speak. :) I've been known to call those moments "God Winks" - something that makes you kinda look up at the sky and smile and say - "Hey, thanks!" Fate, Synchronicity, Divine Intervention, Moments or Motions Intersecting...whatever you want to call it, I think it's cool. :)


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