Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hi Mom!!

I know it's not Wednesday, so Dad won't be checking in. (at least that's what he told me; that he only checks in on Wednesdays. And I believe it based on the number of people who stopped in this past Wednesday! Hump Day is officially a hit. Thanks Chaw Girls, for your participation!!)

I told my parents about my blog on March 31st in an email. I thought that my April Fool's Day pregnancy prank (you know the one.... the one that crashed and burned....) the next morning would be a riot for them to discover. Except that I never heard from them again. No email, no comments, no phone call. I had no idea if they were reading or not reading. And I have to admit that knowing that they'd be reading might affect what I say. (although you'd probably find that hard to believe based on what I AM willing to say... that's probably bad enough.)

I talked to them tonight. (I wrote this on Thursday night, so it wasn't exactly "tonight")

And I do mean "them". My mom takes one phone and my dad takes the other phone. And we all talk. (inevitably at some point in the conversation, my mom yells at my dad to turn the TV down in HIS part of the house, because she can't hear a thing that I'm saying).

I mentioned something about the farm 15 minutes into the conversation and my mom responded with:

"Yah, I read it on your blog."

J.Rube: oh yeah? so you're reading it then?

Poppy Rube: I only read it on Wednesdays. (hahahaha)

Nanny Rube: Yes. I don't know why you have to do that. You are such a good writer. I'd like to be able to tell people and my friends to read it. But, why do you have to do that?

(I know instantly she's talking about Wednesdays...)

J.Rube: Just warn them about it first. They'll be fine. It'll be fine. You'll be fine.

Nanny Rube: But when did you become such a leading authority on that?

Poppy Rube: She must have learned it from her mom. (hahahaha)

Nanny Rube: yeah, right...

J.Rube: Well, I've been selling the stuff for over 3 years now. Plus, I have to play that side up, you know? come across like I know what I'm talking about... (wink, wink)

Nanny Rube: Well, you just don't need to.

J.Rube: So what about the rest of it? It's been fun to work on. I'm enjoying it.

Nanny Rube: I really liked B.Rube's Indian name.

J.Rube: What was it again?

Nanny Rube: Gatherer of Fucking Animals or something like that. I liked that one.

Nanny Rube: Oh, and you found that shoe!!!

Poppy Rube: What shoe?
(hmmmm.... maybe you really do only check it out on Wednesdays)

J.Rube: Oh just a shoe.... obviously you aren't reading the blog. Go read the blog.

Nanny Rube: And I still say that you shouldn't let your kids climb up the slide. Maybe one day you'll believe me when someone comes down the slide as your kid is climbing up it and gets a shoe in their face.

J.Rube: You should totally leave a comment!

Nanny Rube: I don't know how.

I could go on, but the blog talk ended there.

So, now that I know they're watching, I thought that you should know they're watching.

I'll try to be good, Mom and Dad, I swear! But, you know me at this point.... I kinda walk to the beat of my own drum. You raised me this way. It's your fault.




Buttercup said...

My baby boy and I went to a playground today and the toddler slide was bumpy like a rock climbing kind of thing to help the kids climb up or not to go too fast on the way down.

AppleTree 43 said...

Dear Nanny and Poppie Rube,
Come to the Jersey Shore this summer.
We're waiting for you...
Jersey Peg

Magnolia said...

Oh my gosh!!
It was hard enough for me "thinking" they "might" read it.
I feel like a kid getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar.
Hi Mr. (Poppy ) and Mrs.( Nanny) Rube.

J.Rube said...

uhhh yeah.. Magnolia? The warning was for you, so I'm glad you got it. lol
And....dare I say.... your hand in the cookie jar is the least you should be worrying about.

(you can always use the anonymous option, to drive me crazy, but protect yourself in the meantime.)

Anonymous said...

Utto -- Magnolia is snagged!!!

Magnolia said...

Maybe I will try to remember I am an adult and as long as I use some tact...and keep in mind won't be nearly as bad/hard to read my comments as it is for them to read yours. LOL
But thanks for the heads up.
Miss you

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