Thursday, April 17, 2008

In J.Rube's mind right now.....

I wonder if doctors ever play a guessing game with themselves about how a woman patient "tends to her garden." So that as they head into that next pap smear, they contemplate whether that woman is balder-than-an-eagle-done-away-with-the-grass-altogether-and-cemented-it-all-in, stripping-like-the-airport-runway-with-a-nice-tidy-row-of-lettuce-up-the-middle, a-complete-lawn-but-very-nicely-mowed-like-the-golf-course-green or an-absolute-overrun-and-out-of-control-wildflower-meadow. (and you hope to hell that the flowers are the only thing you're smelling.)

I'm sure they've been shocked before by some 60-year-old woman with a full Brazilian. Or, conversely, the hot 25-year-old with the Enchanted Forest.

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Magnolia said...

"oh the things you can think"

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