Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Juicy Rube

Dear Juicy,
I really really want to be able to give my guy the blow job of his dreams, but I just can't get past the gagging! Is there anything I can do or buy to help with this??


Hey there, TW!!
A couple of things came to mind immediately for you actually! One of them is actually designed to help with that gag reflex. And the other one might be a good alternative if the urge to heave doesn't go away.

Kama Sutra (aside from being the ancient Indian art of lovemaking) is also the name of a popular company that's been around for decades now. They make high quality, all natural products to enhance any sexual experience. One of them, Pleasure Balm, has become one of my biggest selling items!

Pleasure Balm is a desensitizing gel with many uses:
• an internal & external balm containing benzocaine, a topical local anesthetic that numbs the applied area
• apply a small amount to shaft & head of penis to lengthen lovemaking & provide increased pleasure and sensation
• apply to labia & clitoris for tingly sensations - alternating hot & cold
• can also be used to desensitize the gag reflex in the back of a woman’s throat - useful (& Tasty!) when performing oral sex
• use ANYWHERE numbing may be appreciated - insect bites, chicken pox/measles, toothache, teething pain in infants, bee stings

So, because Pleasure Balm numbs, it completely desensitizes the back of your throat and your whole mouth!! No more gagging!! It becomes quite a sloppy affair, but is worth every drooling second.

It is pretty intense, particularly for the first couple of minutes, and totally heightens the sensation for the guy and intensifies his orgasm. It freshens your breath, with an enjoyable minty flavour. (it comes in mint, spearmint, raspberry, orange and strawberry. The mint one is the strongest, in terms of numbing.)

Worth checking out!!

Okay, the other thing I want to show you is a vibrating tongue ring. What better way to put a jolt to your blow job, than with a little buzz!!

If you already have your tongue pierced, even better. If you don't, that's fine too. You can buy a little silicone holder that slips over your tongue that has a little vibrating bullet. Have fun with this one!!
The little watch batteries in them don't last very long - maybe a solid hour of playtime. So, you'll get a few uses out of it before it dies.

Have a Juicy Night!!

J.Rube xo

Send me an email to if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.

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