Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Little Shit

Ironically, just now as I was trying to come up with something witty to tell you about, my daughter shit on the living room carpet. What makes this even more interesting is that it wasn't little T.Rube. It was big S.Rube, who will be 4 this summer.

My first instinct was to rub her nose in it. But, I reminded myself that this was my daughter and not my dog. And then I reminded myself that even my dogs haven't shit on the floor for about 9 years....and that maybe rubbing her nose in it would be a fine way to handle the situation. Better than spraying her down with cold water or strangling her, which I also thought about. And then I reminded myself that I'd have to be the one to clean the shit off her face afterwards and that would be worse than cleaning up the floor (it would get into the little crevices along the nose and even into her nose.....) Plus, when I rubbed her face in the feces, it would just spread the shit around further and deeper into the carpet.
So, I dumped that idea. She's lucky. That would have been gross.


Magnolia said...

Oh my grossness!!!!
Hope the clean-up went well.

Mayan Love Goddess said...

You are SOOOO lucky ... at least she didn't finger paint the walls with it, as my little one did at age 4 ... we had to remove the textured wall paper and re-paint the wall. Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

Did you ask her why she did that -- and what was her response?????

Renee said...

Ewwwww! Dang it, if we're not cleaning up after the pets, we're cleaning up after the kids. It's too much sometimes, isn't it?! Just too much. Sorry you had to deal with this. (lol a little though)


J.Rube said...

oh sure, laugh it up, Renee. hardeeharhar... lol
You know, Peg, in answer to your question.....
Sulli has always had pooing issues. She has never once peed her pants but she has pooped them. It hurts her to poo mostly. (although there is no way in hell that THIS one hurt. It was too soft for that. It would have come out quite easily, I imagined. I took a picture of know, the pathetic scrapbooker blogger that literally takes pictures of everything now, including her daughter's pile of shit on the living room rug. I couldn't bring myself to post it on here, though, so you can thank your lucky stars you didn't have to look at it, too.)
So, she has problems pooping, so she avoids sitting on the toilet until right before she's going to go. She has this spot in the living room she goes to where she gets down on her hands and knees and kinda squats until it is "ready". When we find her in her "spot", we get her into the bathroom and encourage her to sit on the toilet. which she does.
Last night, I got her to the toilet and there was a spot of poo in her panties (she was wearing a dress), so we agreed to remove the panties. But then, she couldn't poo. It had "gone away."
I reminded her that she had no panties on and that when it "came back", she needed to get herself to the toilet. She agreed.
She didn't make it in time.
She was horrified. But, fuck, what do you do???? It's still WRONG WRONG WRONG. So, she went to bed humiliated and without a snack, drink or movie.
That's my short answer. :o)

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