Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The MicroButterfly and its posse

There are lots of totally fun toys out there to provide clitoral stimulation while having intercourse. (I'll tell you more about the vibrating bullets on another day.) But, I was thinking about our Reverse Cowgirl position and realized that the MicroButterfly would be the best toy ever for this configuration.

The MicroButterfly (and its posse...) is the second most incredible toy idea ever.

It is a cute little vibrating butterfly that you wear strapped on to yourself while you're having intercourse (or vacuuming the house ( new light to that vacuuming secret of mine a couple Sundays ago, doesn't it???) or preparing your dinner.) You can even buy a remote control one - wear it to the movies or while seated at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Give your guy the remote. (You'll have trouble asking anyone to pass you the potatoes, I think.)

For most women, there is nothing more pleasurable than a little clitoral stimulation. Even better, though, is the ability to have it while you're having intercourse with your guy. It'll take you to the edge and over! And, as a bonus, your guy will feel the benefits of the vibrator throughout the session. (but this one is mostly for you, sister!!) A toy like the MicroButterfly is perfect for the Reverse Cowgirl, so you can be handsfree!

(I've had a few people ask about a catalogue or website. I have nothing currently to send out, nor do I have my own website set up. I can get you ANYTHING you desire and ANYTHING you've seen before. If you find a toy on a site that you want, tell me about it. I'll try to beat the price, too. If you see a product or toy on my blog that you're interested in, send me an email!)

Here are a few variations of the MicroButterfly that are available to you.

Here's the remote control/wireless one. The prices for this wireless toy more than double in price from the regular remote ones above.


Anonymous said...

Alright, I'm officially a rube. lol
How the crap do I email you to get prices? I can't figure it out.

J.Rube said...

Hey Linda!
You can email me at We can talk more privately that way.

Anonymous said...

I'm on it right now! THanks...

Magnolia said...

I cannot imagine strapping that thing on while I'm hot and heavy with my guy. I would bust my gut laughing.
Though I can imagine it works.

Anonymous said...

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