Monday, April 14, 2008

Accessorizing on Farm Day?

My newly painted henhouse and a desire for all things pretty lead me to do a little accessory shopping today. Unlike most blogs where purses, shoes, hats and necklaces are the norm, I was looking to beautify my farm. .... namely the hen house.

I found some great ideas....

Firstly, the house needs a good sign. I am going to attempt to make one myself, I think, but I really liked this one. I found it at

I would love to put up an old piece of iron on the front side. You can't really see it from the picture I gave you, but the space beneath the window is quite large and bare.

Something like this:

or, a couple of these would be nice all year round, if I planted some ivy in them and attached them to the henhouse wall:

I think it would be pretty damn cute to have a painting or two of a chicken on the door of the house ( both of these were from too ) :

and, check out this super cute metal chicken! It is actually an egg basket for collecting the eggs - how perfect would that be?? I can see the little Rubes carrying it now.....


Magnolia said...

I love the sign and the second more graphic painting of the chicken.
So cute!!!!!

Magnolia said...
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Magnolia said...
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Magnolia said...

or I stutter.

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