Thursday, April 10, 2008

Declutter those Hot Spots!!

Ugh - "hot spots", as FlyLady calls them... ( We all have them. They are those areas where stuff gathers. Most people keep theirs out of view behind closed doors (or drawers!). There's usually a spot by the front door and on the kitchen counter, too.

Clutter and chaos in my house eats away at me, even when I can't see it. The main parts of my house are fairly tidy. But, the "stuff" has to go somewhere.

My stuff goes:
On top of the microwave in the blue bowl
In the "everything cupboard" above the microwave
My long dresser in the bedroom
The blue chair in the bedroom
My walk-in closet
The wicker baskets in the bathroom
Both our car and truck

Some of these hot spots increase in size much quicker than others, depending on their regular daily activity. For example, that "everything cupboard" bursts at the seams and appears to grow daily! There's a wicker basket in there that holds the incoming paperwork. Some of the outgoing paperwork goes in there, too, like restaurant gift cards, spa gift cards, Canucks tickets, and all of the bills to be paid (and past bills already paid). It fills up quickly.

I probably honestly only go through most of these hot spots about twice a year. The dresser and chair in my bedroom, about once a month, because it is more visible to visitors than the others are. The worst is definitely that "everything cupboard". (okay, and my closet...BAD!)
(I don't have an "everything drawer" though. I bet YOU have an "everything drawer"!)

I've been avoiding it big time. You couldn't open the door in there without something falling out on you. It was bad. But, our tax papers are in there. And I needed to go in and get them!

I tackled the job yesterday. It took me hours!! and hours....

I am sooooooooo happy and freed by the decluttering project that I'm keeping the doors open today just so I can appreciate my work.

Bathroom baskets are next!! What're you going to do?


AppleTree 43 said...

Good topic J.Rube. I've gotten so bad I actually am reading a book on how to "de-clutter". What drives us to hold on to things, what drives us to keep buying things we don't NEED, etc.
So, in answer to your question of what am I doing about my clutter?
Well, I'm reading about how to fix my behavior and am learning how to let it all go. Who knows, maybe next year I'll put the advice into action.
Hello, my name is "_____" and I am a Pack Rat.

Magnolia said...

We have my basket on the counter near the bills, the phone book, paper for shopping lists, my Burts Bees chap stick, the odd pen or pencil, some tattoos (?), and stuff. Then there is my husbands bucket next to the bread box....ugh...
Why does his " junk " bother me more than mine? And then there is the railing when you walk in the house (apparently meant for coats), the clutter in my grandmothers old hutch. It goes on and on. The clutter in my kids rooms is more a lack of space issue and I guess it is an organized mess...... long as the floors in their rooms are visible...I'm not too crazy. To help...twice a year my kids must create a bag of garbage and a bag to donate. It helps...also makes them aware that other people may enjoy what they no longer want.
Thanks for the reminder that I have to de-clutter soon... okay week.


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