Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not quite what you were hoping to find.....

No sexy sexy today, kids..... Sorry. I just can't do it. ..... keep the schedule, that is. ( I can still manage the sex.) I know I'll lose a few visitors here on Wednesdays ( like my dad ). That's okay.

My fear when I first started this whole thing, rather spontaneously one weekend when the Chaw girls were too damn quiet for my liking, and it was pouring rain and miserable outside, was that I wouldn't be able to commit to it. I don't know how other daily bloggers do it, but I can't keep up! Maybe if it was a job, with even the tiniest bit of income, I could find the time. Maybe.

So, you may have noticed that I've done away with the schedule that used to be posted on the left here. You'll still see lots of farm updates, my parenting and relationship ideas, and, of course, sex talk and toys. Just not on a regularly scheduled basis. So, you'll still have to check up on me sporadically to see what's happening with the whole Rube family.

Here's my tasks for today:

a. Wash, dry and fold at least 10 loads of laundry. (they're fine to remain in piles on the couches downstairs FOR TODAY. Tomorrow, I'll put them away.... )
b. Download QuickTax and, at the very least, get started on filing our income taxes. (EEEEEKKKKKKK - Is there anything more intimidating than starting THIS task? really?)
c. Put T.Rube down for an early morning nap, because the little rube is absolutely miserable this morning.
d. Barbecue 10 chicken breasts that I bought at Costco yesterday in order to provide myself with quick, easy, tasty, and healthy protein for my snacks and lunches.
e. Do the chicken chores - fill up food and water. And collect the eggs.
f. Tidy up and vacuum a bit so that Debbie can babysit tonight, while I go to workout.
g. Feed myself and the kids.

Yeah, okay.... so, it's the furthest thing away from the sexual position you came here to find today, isn't it?

How about trying this and reporting back to us...... (thanks for your cooperation)


Anonymous said...

Which one is the girl

Anonymous said...

Take a breath........relax.
It's not like we're paying your for your daily blog. When you have time you enlighten us, when you don't we'll wait.
As for your Dad -- I'm sure he can handle one day without. He probably knows more than you do anyway...

Magnolia said...

I really enjoy this postion...most of the time...except for the lovely vantage point of my huge stomach and saggy tits. A little red wine always takes care of the low self esteem though.
As for who is who with the dollies...I assume to be the one on my back. LOL

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