Monday, April 21, 2008

I need to warn you....

My life is about to be just too busy. My diligence, commitment, devotion, regularity (and I'm not talking about my poop!) and borderline obsessiveness ( can remove the 'borderline'. I've been obsessed.) has to change.
I am going to try to strive for Progress, not Perfection (as has become a popular Chaw expression, thanks to Chawrenee). There may be days where I don't post, even if it is a Monday. (or, God Forbid, a Hump Day!!).

I have a job to do now that I've been avoiding for a couple of weeks (sorry, Deb, if you're reading this. I'll have something to you guys by the end of this week. I promise.). I've been making my blog a priority and I shouldn't be doing that. bad rube.

Also.... remember that hot trainer nutritionist chick from the supplement store? Teri?
She's now my personal trainer. Well. OUR personal trainer. There are five of us that have hired her to kick our asses into shape twice a week for the next couple of months - and that's in the evenings. Starting Wednesday.

And, now that the nice weather is here, we're just out more - far fewer days spent lazing about in our jammies all day. Far less computer time.

Don't get me wrong. I'll still be here. I just need to give myself permission to back off a bit. So, there's room for other things too.

Thanks for being so understanding.

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Magnolia said...

I will be here waiting for your words of wisdom and funny bits. Take your time and do what you do girl. You are great!!!

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