Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I got to do my favourite outdoor chore today - pressure washing. There's nothing more satisfying than pressure washing, particularly when you live at the dirty Rube farm. When I pressure wash the vinyl deck, it is an instant gratification.
Keeping in mind that we live in the Pacific Northwest and that it is a very wet winter season we've just come out of, the deck grows a coat of grunge and slime in order to survive the winter. I got to strip it off.

I popped the little white iPod headphones into my ears and cranked up the music, just before cranking up the pressure washer. I was lost in my own world for a few hours, even dancing and singing at times. I'm sure the sheep were laughing below. I know the goslings were.

S.Rube and I have been playing hopscotch together lately. We took a break halfway through to have a game......


Magnolia said...

At first I thought you used bleach or something.
That is fun-
I can't believe how grungy the deck gets and how clean the power washer makes it.

Renee said...

Power washing sounds FUN! I asked Tony for a power washer for my birthday but he didn't get it. :( Our driveway, front walk, and back patio could really use a good washing. Can you bring yours over and hook me up? :)


J.Rube said...

oh, I'll hook you up with more than a pressure washer. See you tomorrow!

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