Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Juicy Rube

Dear Juicy Rube,

My husband has a fairly small penis. We are wondering what sexual positions would work best for us?

Linda (our anonymous friend)

(Last week, Linda made mention that her husband has a smaller-sized penis and she was wondering what positions would be best suited to them. I chose the Reverse Cowgirl with Linda in mind and decided to answer the question more completely for them. I also want to add that the average (caucasian) penis size measures in at about 5-6 inches when erect. (probably closer to 5 since men would most definitely over-report on this one!!) Ironically, most men who make attempts at making their penis bigger have average or larger than average penis size to begin with.)

So, I'm guessing that my answers tonight will all be positions that you've already tried. You likely know what works best for you already, but it will be good to hear it, to confirm what you already know. It just makes sense that you'd want to/need to get into a position where the penis can be most fully immersed inside you, in order to get the most depth. A position like the Reverse Cowgirl, for example, where you can control your angle to achieve the maximum of whatever little bit he does have.
A basic Cowgirl or Girl-on-Top position is good for you, too, for the same reason.
Other good positions include the Doggie, which was our position two weeks ago. With any of the intercourse you have, the challenge will be going in and out, without popping him right out. You don't have the length there to really play a thrusting game.
Another good one is a slight variation of the Doggie - the Downward Doggie. Instead of being up on all fours, you lie down flat with your legs opened and your butt a little tilted up in the air. Your guy will be able to get maximum depth in this position.

Basically, giving your guy the most direct and closest access to you is what is going to work best. Choose positions which allow for the deepest penetration and make the most of your assets. But do remember, penetration isn't everything. You can use your whole body and mind to pleasure your partner - and when having sex, it's less a question of pump than grind.

I don't know if you've considered or tried something like an extender? You can buy a silicone sleeve that goes over your guy's penis that adds a couple of inches in the length and usually has some nubby things that provide a bit of extra stimulation for the woman, as well as a bit of girth. It actually feels good for him to wear, will make him last longer and would totally intensify his orgasm. It might be something worth mentioning to him - try to get a sense of whether he'd be willing to try this.

There are so many elements to sex and certainly intercourse is just one of them. I'm confident that you'll find the things you need to have a totally satisfying sex life, if you haven't already.

Have a juicy night!!


AppleTree 43 said...

Dr. Rube!
Has good sound to it.
A bit more modern that Dr. Ruth.

Anonymous said...

oooooh thanks J!! It's Linda. Tomorrow is Friday so that's when I'll get to give this one a whirl. Unless I can entice him tonight. I tried last night but he was tired and the Yankees were on--booo hiss.
We always do me on top, which is a proven winner but I need to mix it up a bit.
Also wanted to clarify that DH is not miniscule and probably is at the average length--I was just used to someone above average before him. And DH does have that slipping out problem with some other positions.
This looks good. Thanks again and I'll let ya know!

Magnolia said...
You certainly seem to know your stuff.
Food for thought.

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