Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm going to Palm Springs.....

....well.... to be exact.... my inflatable double gets to go to Palm Springs.

Okay, Okay... so my boobs aren't that big. and my hair's not red. And in fact, maybe clothes would be better. More discreet.  But, she will have my face!!  (not sure that's such a good thing, on second thought...)

I met an incredible group of women on Babycenter just after getting pregnant with T in 2005. We were spread out from coast to coast, with thousands of miles separating us, yet we connected daily with one another in a way I had never experienced before, or even thought was possible.  We called ourselves the Chawbacons (from the definition of RUBE) and started using Google groups through our email. This was before most people were using facebook!! In fact, I remember when fb started getting popular and none of us seemed to really understand the idea or need for it. And, yet, there we were....doing that exact thing. Communicating and updating everyone constantly, sharing every move of every day, exchanging pictures of everything from kids to pets to spouse's bowel movements to our before and after bikini pics and room clean-ups to our post-surgery photos and rolls of backfat (okay, that was just me that shared that one..). The point is, we have shared pretty much every detail of our lives with each other for the past 5 years. 

There are 10 of us left in the group... time, circumstances, the not-so-uncommon spats, and  in two instances, Jesus Christ himself has lead 5 other original members away. Those of us left feel fully blessed and will continue to nurture our friendships throughout our lifetimes, of this I am sure.  

But....the Chaws are meeting in Palm Springs and I can't go!!!! The reunion is in 2 weeks and there has been some planning talk about the trip going on amongst the girls. 

The following are email excerpts of the conversation that began last week.... when Plan Blow-up was born:

J - I'm trying not to think about not being able to go too much, because it seriously bums me out. But I don't want you guys to not talk about it here either, so I hope to keep hearing your excitement and living vicariously through you all.

Chaw - I will be thinking about you all weekend, J.

J - Okay, you don't have to get creepy about it. ;o)

Chaw - I am bringing an 8x10 head shot of you and an inflatable doll and I'm gonna inflate you and tape your face to the doll and take you around the house with me and tuck you into the bed next to me at night. And I'll bathe you and fix you drinks and sing to you and take you to karaoke.

Chaw - How great would those facebook pictures be?

Chaw - Oh dear, my head is swimming with the possibilities. I'd have to dress you in different outfits, unless you wanted to go everywhere in the bikini the doll would have on? LMAO. I am seriously laughing out loud imagining the pics and how I'd tag you on FB. Your other friends would be like WTF?!?

J - LMFAO!!!!!!! okay, I'm actually oddly cool with this.You better photo journal the entire friggin' thing too. It'll make a great blog entry. :o) What are we gonna sing at karaoke??

Chaw - You wanna sing Charlene's "Never Been to Me"? Or we could do a duet like Islands in the Stream? I also like "Danny's Song" - "even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you, honey...."

Chaw - You could join us for cocktails at M's parents' house, float in the pool, lay in the sun.....

J - and PROMISE ME that you'll have me doing a shooter from between your boobs (or legs!!!!!)

Chaw - BODY SHOTS!!!!! love it! 

Chaw - I need to make sure I get the sweet innocent doll and not the one with "all 3 realistic holes". That would just turn nasty after the 2nd drink, I fear.

J - I'm thinking zucchini.....

Chaw - Wow, I hadn't gone past carrot.

Then, a couple of days later....

Chaw - Hey J - which doll do you want to be? I eliminated the ones with big open mouths because they're too nasty, and I want one who's standing, not on all 4's. So that left me with Bouncy Brenda (short red hair), Doctor Susie (like her because she's already dressed), and Komico. I like Jade's hair and outfit but not the arms behind her head. What's your preference?

We have narrowed the field down to the following two gals:

And, famous last words from the Chaws...

"We have big plans for you in Palm Springs, my dear. :)"

Stay tuned.........


Marcellinachaw said...

How could this post have zero comments with the amount of views??? I know that I will be violating the "Wish it were really J" doll during our trip... if only you were there. :)

J.Rube said...

Marcellinachaw...LOL! I love it.
I know! None of those slackers left a comment here.
Like the "Wish it were really J" - maybe you should make a shirt for her. :o)
In fact, maybe I'll see about sending shirts for everyone... hmmmm.... ideas taking hold...

J.Rube said...

I'm glad I'll be there for y'all to violate. It's nice to feel useful that way.

Thelma said...

what is there to say beyond what was said?!!!

can't wait for the pics on this one!

Renee said...

I love that you shared this on your blog. I have a ton of funny ideas for "you" in Palm Springs and I am certain we will come up with even funnier ones as the evenings wear on......Do you want to know which one I bought or should you be surprised when the pictures start coming in?

ArizonaChaw said...

Oh, it will be fun. Lots of fun. :) I cannot wait for the photos that will come from this. And I am glad you can be there in spirit...or plastic.....whatever the case may be!

Brenda said...

Tee hee. Those Chaws are gonna have a good time with the "Wish it were really J doll". Maybe even more fun than if you were actually there, Jodi.
Just kidding.
My vote is for Doctor Susie.

HollywoodChaw said...

I'm wondering if there are any specific outfits "you" would like to wear. Obviously, the endowed "you" needs a few tight sweaters . . . any other requests?

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