Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Magnolia

Happy Birthday to my oldest and dearest friend, Sue! (I've been trying to post this damn thing all day!!! It wouldn't let me attach a pic for the past 8 hours. So, here it is...with or without any pictures. damn)

Man, look at that pic! Look at that hair. We've always had good hair, you and I, haven't we? Lots and lots of good strong hair. Your picture reminds me of Geena Davis.

This is probably the first time in 15 years that I've remembered your birthday. The sad thing is that it is also the same day as my parent's anniversary, so not only do I forget Sue's birthday, I forget their anniversary too. In fact, it is usually Sue who reminds me that it is my parent's anniversary and then I remember it's her birthday, too.
My memory is shitty, I admit. Sue has memories, though. And she insists on retelling them constantly so I'll never forget them. Just ask her. I have no idea whether they're true or not, though. I'm willing to bet that she makes at least half of them up.

We were inseparable from Grade 7 through to high school, I know that much. I remember that Sue used to wear this totally old Billy Bee shirt all the time before we met. (note: BEFORE we met) And she was wearing it the day we finally became friends. I remember that she couldn't ever learn to waterski, despite my dad's best efforts year after year, because she'd collapse into a giggling heap and not be able to use her muscles again. I remember her waking up in the middle of the night with leg spasms or Charlie horses and crying. I remember her mom listening to the Jackson Five really loudly and being able to smoke in her kitchen when we were 13. I remember her family showering together and her dad being comfortably naked. I remember chasing boys around Science World and spitting on people below. ahhhhhh...good times. good times. I don't remember ever fighting. Did we, Sue? We were really good friends through a potentially horrible and awkward time in life. We made it better for each other. We still make it better for each other.

We were up to no good really. And we survived it. We are the lucky ones.

We had the amazing opportunity last summer to spend 10 solid days together. Her entire family flew here to BC and stayed with us. It was just like old times, except that we're old and we're moms now. She even tried to wear her Billy Bee shirt.

I still love every minute I spend with her. And I hate every mile between us.
Thanks for your commitment to us, Sue. I love you.

Happy Birthday, my dear. Make it special. You deserve it.

I won't photoshop your head on someone's body like I did to B.Rube (although, if I did..... I'd pick someone like this.)

p.s. Happy Anniversary, mom & dad. I love you both. xo


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Magnolia...
LOVE the scarf in the first picture...
have a great one

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay Grammy and Pop Rube!

Magnolia said...

So...I openned it up at work and showed the whole class the "big hair" photo. NICE!!! The teacher I work with made me print it....and so...my ginormous hair...will be front page of our daily journal tomorrow. Terrific!!!
And...so ...I cried...cause I love J.Rube more than she will ever know..and I miss her like crazy, every day.
I love what little time we spend together...I am sooooooooo proud of our connection for 28 years...proud that I have such a wonderful person in my life.
As for the stories...though I may put a funny spin on them... they are all true...everyone of them. And there are many more I have not shared. But we have our whole lives for that. (just a warning J.Rube)
As for the fighting..I can only remember two small ones...and they were both about boys. IMAGINE!
As for the billy bee tee shirt...though I wish I was still that small...it's long gone. Really!!!
As for the spitting at the Science Centre..for the record...that was Andrea Speed who did the spitting.
As for the family showering together...not all of us...just mom and dad....but we only had one washroom so it was also quite possible that someone was on the toilet and another blowdrying their hair( yet one more thing I didn't do until I met J.Rube)
I'll be sure to show my husband (who I've been with since highschool) the wonderful photoshop pic of me... it may just save my sexlife. LOL He can fantasize about it.
For the record...I forgot to call J.Rubes parents this year. I am getting old and forgetful.
Thanks again J.Rube- For everything...but most of all for your unconditional friendship. When I grow up I want to be just like you.
Love Magnolia

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