Thursday, March 27, 2008

When a picture says a thousand words....


Anonymous said...

Awh, now I feels sort of bad for the little guy. The pitch fork is such a harse image -- eeek!
Thinking maybe you could have sent him to a nice zoo or something?
A city girl

Anonymous said...

It's Linda. Yeah, I kind of felt a little bad/sad when I first saw the pic, but honestly, GOOD FOR YOU! If someone (human, animal, doesn't matter) fucked with my cats (the only kinds of furry guys I have), I would kill them. Literally. So, I'm in total agreement with you and congratulations. Did you or DH get the honors?
Oh, totally different subject--was reading all about the lube (very interesting). Is there a catalog or website or something to check out with your "goods"?

Renee said...

Who is that in the snazzy blue jumpsuit?

-The Renee

J.Rube said...

That'd be my super hip and stylin' B.Rube!

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