Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My New Camera...

.... is here. My new camera is here. Well, it's over the border at my US address, but that's close enough!! It's not in Minnesota somewhere, not still at the store unordered and certainly not on its way to Nigeria.

Over a month ago, S.Rube dropped the camera from the counter and it broke. B.Rube wasn't disappointed because he wasn't happy with the quality of the pictures anyway and figured it was time for a new one. I researched it over a couple of weeks and found the cheapest price I could find for the camera that I wanted. Except that the online site in Maine wouldn't sell it to me because my US postal box address was different than my Canadian Visa mailing address.

No matter.

I found a wonderful Nigerian friend in Minnesota to accommodate my dilemma and I paypal'ed the money for the camera. At no point, did I worry about getting it. At no point, was I concerned about a scam or the dishonesty of this friend. All of my other friends were skeptical of this potential money scam situation. They were certain that the Minnesotan would 1) be pocketing the money for her own use or 2) using a nice new, FREE camera that was intended for this nice Canadian girl. B.Rube was worried - Who was this Nigerian? How could I know to trust sending her all of this money?? It didn't matter that we'd met her in Vegas last year. He was scared.

But, I remained confident.

And, she has come through.

Shannon, my dear!! I love you. Thanks for your honesty and your expedience and going out of your way for me. Have I told you lately that you're my favoUrite Chaw???

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