Thursday, March 20, 2008

Molester Bunny

So, do you take your kids to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny?

I did with S.Rube once when she was still willing to sit on strange bunny's knees. It wasn't until after the picture was home and on the fridge that we all started to really notice how crazy the rabbit actually looked. "Molester Bunny" came to mind and so he was dubbed by a friend of mine. I couldn't bring myself to take S.Rube back the next year.

You know how bunnies are! We talked about that a few days ago. They're horny little buggers. And the last thing I need is my daughter (let alone 2 of them now!) on his horny little knee.

I was just at the mall last night and it's a new bunny though. Molester Bunny is gone!! But certainly not forgotten - and forever etched in our scrapbook.

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