Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Lesson on Lube

I briefly mentioned lube last week and I want to talk about it a little further this week.

Lubrication in your sex life is crucial to having enjoyable and comfortable sex. For most young women, the last thing we needed was lube from a tube. Just being in the same room with our boyfriends would produce a slippery walk and wet panties. Self-lubricating was not a problem.

However, times change. We age. We have children. We breastfeed. We age some more. We aren't as naturally turned on. We continue to age. And what happens?? We dry up. I mean, we still have our moister days. (most of us are familiar with these days because we wait all month to see a little cervical mucous and jump our guy's bones when he gets in the door. Yes, we produce natural lube around the time of ovulation.) But, we get a bit dryer and bit dryer every year.

And having children and breastfeeding only speeds this process up!

But, fear not! Using a bit of lube is easy, safe, inexpensive and worth it!

Historically, lube was made of petroleum. When K-Y jelly first came out and, for many many years to follow, this petroleum was basically eating away at our insides. Thankfully, someone who should be important figured this out and put a stop to it. The industry moved to water-based lubes, which are sure to be a safe bet. Most of the lubes you are familiar with or have used are likely water-based. You can get all sorts of funky flavours and ones with natural ingredients.

My biggest seller, by far, is O!My lube. It's an all-natural, water-based lube that contains hemp seed oil. It has no sugars or asparthame in it and its flavours taste great!! Pina Colada and Melon are my favourite. But everyone is always thrilled with whatever flavour they stock up on.

You can get it in 'natural' too, as the non-edible version.

More recently, silicone has exploded forth into our world. Not just in kitchen oven mitts and cupcake holders, but also in hair varnish and hand creams for those suffering from excema. And BIG TIME in our "adult accessories" world. The best toys are made of silicone. and the best lube is made of silicone. Silicone lube wins the lube competiton hands down. The other lubes retreat shamefully to their corners when Silicone Lube shows up. They know they can't compete.

Granted, it's a bit more expensive, but it is waaaay more concentrated and you'll need waaaaay less. Trust me. There'll be no re-application process here. It is always silky. Never sticky.

(and p.s. If you are interested in letting your guy explore the back door at all, it's GOTTA BE WITH SILICONE. cuz there isn't anything better!)

So, are there any downsides to this miracle lube? Perhaps.

Some people believe it's a bit early in the game to know exactly what silicone might do to us. Certainly, it stays in us/on us longer than water does; doesn't just wash away as easily.
Most people believe it to be completely safe.

Another little hitch is that silicone eats silicone. So, if you have silicone toys, you should use water-based lubes when playing with them.

Here's my most popular selling silicone lube : ID Millenium.

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