Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do eyelashes have bad hair days too?

Seriously. I've often wondered this because every so often my eyelashes have a mind-of-their-own-type-of-day.... where they seem to be crossing in every direction and at various angles, where no amount of curling them seems to help, where some go up and some go down and some just stick straight out, where the mascara just seems to either clump right on or slide right off. With eyes as prevalent as my own, it's a devastating day.

( I wonder if it's like getting a perm when you're on your period - sometimes the curl doesn't take.... )

And you can't even throw a baseball hat over them.
(and don't you dare even suggest sunglasses. You need sun for that.)

(besides, I'm on a hunt for new shades. I currently have two pairs. One nice pair of Ray Bans that are RIDICULOUSLY small. and one cheap Vegas pair that are RIDICULOUSLY large. A good friend of mine refers to them as my "windshields" and is impressed at their versatility in both sun and snow (not to mention their Blue Blocker-style coverage; their sheer size)).

So, I went to the mall to find a nice pair somewhere in between mine. I tried on about 35 different shades before the kids started to get antsy about being tied up in the mall buggy and only really loved the $350 Burberry pair ( of course ). Not enough to buy them. yet.)

(It's funny. The woman behind me at the Sunglasses Hut was talking about having bought her last pair of sunglasses in Vegas. Just as I was about to turn around and tell her that I did too, she added that they she'd bought a $1700 pair! Suddenly, the Burberry ones look super affordable.)


Anonymous said...

Eyelashes and sunglasses!!!
Hmmmm....interesting topic.

Stay with the windshields.
And hello -- I'm not a good friend.........I am a GREAT friend.
The windshields as I like to call them suit you very well......they have a Hollywood quality that's all you babe!

mlatulip said...

I'm so with you. I've had about 15 pairs of sunglasses at once, but who the hell knows what happened to them. I now have one pair that are about three years old and they are so out of date. I need to go to the Spy website and pick out a pair. How can a girl that can get whatever she wants from them for gratis actually have zero pairs that she likes right now. It should be impossible.

Anonymous said...

Um..due to my poor track record...blown off my face out the window of the car...blown off my face while sitting in the back of a speeding children sitting on children spreading the arms on them until the snap off...I choose all my designer sunglasses from the ..............Dollarama. Can't beat glasses for a buck!!!


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