Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eggs Galore

We have a lot of chickens who lay a lot of eggs. We are not in short supply. Particularly when it's Spring Break and I won't be seeing my usual customers at music class and preschool.
I decided this morning to do some egg crafts this week with the girls and some friends and I instantly found what I was looking for at They have a huge selection of crafts, in general, and a ton of Easter crafts and baking.
We're going to do a couple of these. We have a playdate or two lined up mid-week and I am heading into town tomorrow, so I can pick up the supplies I need.
What do you guys got lined up for crafts or Easter-related activity this week?


Ma-Ma Peg said...

Well Miss Jodi --- yet again you amaze me with your wit.
Good luck with the blog. I've saved it as a bookmark and will check in to keep my eye on my dear opinionated verbose friend.
Geez, how do you have time for all of this

Mom of 5 said...

I actually thought about letting the little kids make their own baskets out of yarn and glue. It takes 48 hours to dry, so it takes prep.

But giving my kids glue and yarn might guarantee that someone might end up tied and glued to a chair. And I might or might not be involved.

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