Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday B.Rube!

Dear B.Rube,
It's your birthday. Again!! I can't believe that another whole year has flown by. Before you know it, you're going to be older than me!!
I know it's not your best birthday ever. In fact, it's probably one of your shittiest..... your big new project at work starts today on March 30th. You have to work and are not able to go to the game as we had planned.

I guess it could be worse. I could post this picture for everyone to see:

(remember when it appeared as a huge picture in the newspaper a couple of days after your Amazing Race birthday that I busted my butt to plan for you last year?)
You make a wonderful pole dancer, B.Rube.
Or... even worse, what about this one???

(remember how the race official had to ask you to tuck your scrotum back into your suit because you were scaring small children and adults alike?)

or knowing the world was seeing this picture might make your birthday even worse:

(remember how shocked you were when I caught you that day?? and then to discover that you'd been posting your boob video all over the web?)

So, how's your birthday now?
p.s. You know that I love you like crazy; more now than ever before. It's mostly the blue coveralls and the Dollar Store cowboy hat that do it for me. We've created something amazing in our lives, and you should be sooooo proud of all that you've accomplished. Your determination and commitment and ability to succeed far outshine just about everyone. And you are the second hardest working man I know!!!
You are an incredible daddy to our two little girls and you light up our lives when you walk in the door. Thanks for everything and have a very happy birthday!!! despite work. xoxo


AppleTree 43 said...

AWH -- the "p.s" was beautiful!
I am incredible moved by the love, the life, the family, the everything that the two of you wanted...and worked so hard to get.
Happy Birthday B.Rube. And I agree with J.Rube -- the overalls and boots are your best look.
Not to mention that cute face of yours.
Sorry you had to work on your BDay...
Go Jets

mlatulip said...

I cannot believe how unsupportive you are about the whole scrotum thing. Pete was so into that look about five years ago & I completely supported it. Until you do so, I just don't think that B.Rube will 100% appreciate the woman that you are/can be.

Love you anyway,


Anonymous said...

Wow...I don't think I can stand anymore of the love displayed by you for your B.Rube....(I hope you don't have any pictures of me.. LOL)

Happy Belated to your B.Rube.


at least the dog humped ME!!!!! said...

I had to look!

well done on the pics...remind me not to give you any of me!

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