Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HUMP DAY! Your Position of the Week

Starting out pretty easy for you all. I mean, it's a position we've all done. right? right?
The classic Doggie Style.

What can I say about it? It's a rear entry position and guys love it. In fact, it is the one position that is sure to finish him off (and often used as such) and usually fairly quickly, if he's not keeping himself in control of the untamed dragon.
It's animalistic and there's an attractiveness to this wild and natural sex for most men. I think it's deep and intense for them and they feel strong and virile while doing it.

Some women like it, some women hate it. I think the ones who don't like it probably have a higher need to be lovingly connected and not made to feel like a sex object, which the position will do. Some of us don't mind the rapidfire timing that this position offers us. Wham Bam.
I like it. We use it a lot.

+ You get really good depth
+ Good access to the G-Spot
+ You don't have to brush your teeth or worry about the garlic you ate earlier in the evening.
+ You don't have to look at the guy doing it.

- You might want to take the time to give your bum a good cleaning, cuz it is in view.
- You can't see the sweet love of your life. Instead you're staring at the dresser of folded clothing that you've neglected for months.
- You got more than the weight of the world on your arms. Work it!!

And, now, let's hear what a few of my friends have to say about the position:
KittyKat says: Doggy style is good. It's an easy one to do without too much thought or effort. Variations of the doggy style are even better. We've found that this position on the stairs is fun. (Woman on her hands and knees about two steps above the man, who is standing....good stuff.)

MamaBear says: I like this position because it hides the flaws. Saggy boobs and muffin tops are not sliding around during thrusts or heading sideways like in the missionary position. They are under you, everything is pulled downward (thanks gravity) and you actually look awesome from his point of view. The waist looks good, the ass is shaped nicer. If he starts thrusting too deep, you can actually time yourself with his movements and move yourself forward at the same time to minimize cervix bashing. If you are good at balancing, this position also gives you freedom to play with yourself.
My favorite variation is me lying flat on my stomach and him coming in from behind with my ass slightly raised and my legs completely closed. The friction is amazing for both. And you don't have to work very hard. Win-Win in my opinion!!!!!

TR says: This is definitely a favorite around here. I'm not all that into the whole eye contact thing, and it's probably better that dh (devoted husband) not see some of the faces I'm making during sex. (Not that he's not a great lover, it's just that sometimes I am sleepy or wasn't totally 100% in the mood for sex, so I might possibly be kinda yawning, or dozing a little, or just looking generally distracted. And I don't think he'd appreciate that very much.)
The one drawback is the pressure it puts on your arms. I end up feeling like I'm doing push-ups with a 230-pound weight on my back. We actually got a Liberator pillow for Valentine's Day this year, and all of my problems are solved! I can lay there without trying to maintain an uncomfortable position and dh doesn't have to worry that my arms will give out right when he's getting ready to do his thang. Woof woof!

BooBooTittyFuck says: This position is the whole reason why I have a tramp stamp (tattoo on my lower back). It gives the guy something to look at. We use this position a lot but usually only after I am finished because it doesn't get the job done for me. He sure likes it though, that is for sure. I don't know about you guys but I can't hold myself up like that for long. Half the time I end up with my head down and my ass up and that can lead to some unpleasant side effects. I often use a pillow to prop myself up. Am I the only one with this problem? I would probably like this position a lot more if I wasn't such a weakling. And what is up with "Woody" grabbing her face like that. If a guy pulled that shit on me he would get a swift kick into the junk. I find it works better for him to put his hands on my hips instead. Maybe I am just a freak but I love it when a guy touches my hips.

Wooooooweeeeeeee - that was some HAWT HAWT stuff, wasn't it? Thanks girls! ;o)
Join me weekly in the quest for your own perfect position.
I'll pick 'em and post 'em.
My friends will offer their honest and unedited opinions.
You....well, you just get to try them.
The best part.

So, if you haven't done it doggie for awhile, give it a whirl this week.
And, if you do it doggie often already, do it again, cuz you truly truly are a dirty dog.

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