Friday, March 21, 2008

Technical Business: Leaving Comments

Just a technical business note:
Someone has brought to my attention that it was very difficult to leave a comment as it required that you be " a registered user ." I have fixed it up and it is now super easy to comment, under your own name, any made up name or anonymously even.
So, let's walk through it step-by-step, because I do need you to comment here.
Under each post, it'll say "0 comments" or "2 comments" or something like that. Click on it. Another window will pop up. Write your comment, fill in that weird security thing, and then click on "name/id ". You can fill in whatever you like in this box. and then hit send. I moderate the comments, so it won't appear until I okay it.
Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Autumn said...

You know I'm reading but too lazy to wade through the process of commenting.

So far, so good. Me likey!


Magnolia said...

Thanks for the "constuctions" (as Mason says). I wanted to share with you what a great BLOG you have going and how much I look forword to it....and couldn't.
So thanks again J.Rube!!!

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