Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Awe of Pretty Poo

Well, it's official. T.Rube is definitely my daughter.

After just having a beet poo (see my older post on beeturia), she insisted on me not flushing the toilet and forced her sick older sister off the couch to have a look. S.Rube was satisfactorily awed by the deep reddy-purple poo and they both marveled at it for a minute before letting it go, watching the dyed toilet water swirl as it disappeared.
Was really worthy of a picture actually. I missed the opportunity.

(And, let me add... since that old post in 2008 when I said I'd only eaten beets 4 or 5 times in my life.... Well, I've eaten a shitload of beets!  I guess that was kinda my rediscovery to them and they've become a staple in my diet ever since.)


Renee said...

How do you make them? I often order a beet salad at a restaurant (if presented with the opportunity) but never have them at home.

J.Rube said...

I do them one of two different ways: (both are a bit messy, though - that dye shit really does get everywhere!)
1) just chop a bit off the top and bottoms and throw them into a pot to boil for 45 minutes or so. When they're done, rinse them under cool water as you peel them with your fingers. The skins just slide off.

2) Peel them with a potato peeler while they're uncooked, and chop them into quarters. Put them in a roasting pan with a bit of olive oil and put them in the oven to cook for an hour.

You can't really cook them wrong, or overcook them, I find. We just keep them on hand now for salads - cook a bunch at one time.

Renee said...

Yum. Both ways sound great. I'm gonna try roasting some. Thanks!

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