Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's wrong with you folks??

Let me just remark that I can't believe that my fucky duckies didn't get one friggin' comment today! That shit is goooooood. What's wrong with you folks??
I know that you all wonder about stuff like that on the farm. I bet that at least half of you weren't even sure whether ducks actually copulated or whether male ducks fertilized the eggs after they'd been laid, similar to the reproduction life of a snake.
Well, now you know. They definitely copulate.
I love how he falls over when he climaxes! And, did you catch a glimpse of his unit after he was done?? It was that long squiggly thing that was dragging close to the ground, collecting bits of dirt, grass and poop, while he was strutting around squacking "I'm da man. Da Man."

I find it all fascinating (clearly) and I'm having trouble accepting that you all don't feel the same way. It's sweet duck love!


Hiromi said...

lol! I've seen this before that's why I didn't comment. I did wonder what that squiggly think was - now I know!

thelma said...

Ya rantin' rube!
As I said to you IN PERSON earlier when I watched the duck sex vid...perfect music and impressive final thrust. Thanks for answering the tough farm questions none of us realized we had asked.

Hiromi said...

@ Thelma LMAO!!!!!

Alissa said...

I haven't watched it yet because I can not view streaming media at work but you know I am so going to watch this when I get home!

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

What Alissa said! Big Brother is watching it though, I'm sure!! LOL

Y said...

Wasn't able to watch til just now! That is funny stuff, J! :)
R likes the hair pulling! LOL!

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

ROFL!! Finally had a chance to view it ... love the fact he falls over when he's done. :D

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