Friday, March 4, 2011

Water and keyboards do not mix

Darn little T.Rube! That kid spills more cups of water than a stage 3 Parkinson's patient. (I watched Love and Other Drugs last night and the tremors are fresh in my mind. Good movie, by the way.) She falls about as often as she spills too. But is, at the same time, incredibly physical and agile. Despite her skill, she is full of bruises.

But today it is my Apple keyboard that becomes a casualty.

The 3,E,D, and C gone, just like that.

I wonr how many of you coul follow if i wrot in my nw rypti o. It rtainly ma my googl sarhs intrsting, but is atually abl to fin what i intn somhow. But i hav ha to rsort to using my iPa for typing until i rpla it. Whih is a littl slow-going for my liking. I prfr to b abl to pun it out as quik as th thoughts om into my brain.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy a nice wireless board that'll work with both the computer and the 'Pad.


Nan said...

What happened to the rule that there was no liquid near the computer after Ben spilled his drink on your old one?

Renee said...

I could actually read that pretty well, but I wouldn't appreciate it if all future posts were written without 3s, Es, Ds, or Cs. Actually, I could probably be okay with no 3s. Because you could just spell it out. But without the E it would be thr. Hmm. How about just saying "th numbr aftr two".

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