Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final Vulva Pic!

They're here!!!! They arrived this morning unassisted at about 9 am or so I estimate. I saw Rosie walking in the field when I got up at 7 am, and found her and her babies at about 11 am in the tractor tent. The babies were already close to being dry and were up and staggering around, trying to eat. All is totally and completely well!! So, although we missed the birth (and the mucousy pre-labour Vulva shot), this is the best kind of situation possible: the doe delivers the kids independently without issue.

Rosie had 2 kids this morning, on Wednesday, the 9th.  There were no casualties, both babies survived (and are very very well!!) and the crazy fishtail teats are functioning brilliantly. (both of the fishtails on both sides provide great milk!) We have moved mama and the babies into a nice stall of their own, where they'll spend the next week or so, so we can monitor them and keep them warm and dry.

But, you have to wait for pictures. I can give you a few details, but the reason you have to wait is because of the Kid Contest. We have a three way tie!!!!! For all 4 questions!!! Unbelievable and something I never would have anticipated.

The winners were Appletree43, Pitchick, and WalkOn Border Collies; obviously highly intuitive women!!!

In order to break the tie, I have two more questions for the three of you to answer. In the case of a tie still after that, the winners will all win itunes gift cards. I have contacted the three winners and asked them to submit their answers soon so we can move onto the cute pictures and video footage!

The tie-breaking questions are:

1) What sex are the two kids?
2) What colour(s) are the two kids?

Good luck!
And, here is your final Vulva picture for Rosie; a little placenta for ya....


WalkOn Border Collies said...

one of each, brown. I don't want the ITune prize, just entered for fun. Thx!

R said...

Congrats Rosie :)

pitchick said...

Now that's attractive!

pitchick said...

1) twin girls
2)both mostly reddish brown w/ some white

AppleTree 43 said...

OK, didn't need that last picture. LOL...

#1 - One boy and One Girl
#2 - they are white with a little brown.

Nan said...

Congratulations to Rosie! Glad that all went well.

thelma said...

Rosie! Your kids are beautiful and sweet and soft. Thanks for being cool with J. Rube and I checking them out and snapping photos and oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over them!
Great job on the placenta removal J.'ve come a long way, city girl!

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

So happy to hear that all went well. Lovely placenta shot JRube. ROFL!!

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