Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Mine is neither one or the other. It is both.
The water in the glass is what it is.
Which is in the middle of being half full and half empty.  And, with that, comes the potential to be full again or emptied completely. And full again and emptied completely. And so on.

And then there are the days, of course,  when it isn't even fucking water that's in the glass. It's straight up vodka.
(just kidding, of course.)
(you all know that I prefer tequila!)

(or in today's sunny-warm-celebration-welcoming-Spring-to-our-region's case, bellinis.   mmmmmmm...  this one's full about to be empty!)


Thelma said...

accessory shopping, bellinis, great hair and sunshine. a marvellous day indeed.
of all the rubes I know, you are hands down the rubiest! love ya, J. Rube!

Robyn said...

It does sound like a great day!! xo

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