Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Sweet Nothing

Rather than writing about a couple of days in Whistler, I'll write about not having a couple of days in Whistler.
Ahhhh, Whistler. I love Whistler. I have two favourite getaways and Whistler is one of them. My friend Thelma invited me and the little Rubes up for a visit this week because it's Spring Break and she's there with her family at the lovely Intrawest Resort.

But, strangely, I opted to stay home. Without even a lot of consideration. Which leaves us here at the farm, and me, unable to write about Whistler.

I am a social recluse. Funny little oxymoronic 'affliction'.  (kinda like me being a realistic idealist or an idealistic realist).  I mean to say, I am a recluse who is oddly social. Not until you know me well might you realize my reclusive nature, because I am outgoing and friendly and handle myself very well when I am out. I prefer to be home though. and I prefer to stay home. And I think it's getting worse as I get older. I could stay home for days and days on end without ever feeling housebound or the overwhelming need to break out.  I love to stock up on everything we need, and not have anywhere to go. I love the days where I wake up and know that we have nothing planned to do that day. And I don't go looking for something to do on those days either! I can kill time like nobody's business.  And, fortunately, so can the little Rubes. In fact, most days, I think those two little leisurely Leo girls are more reclusive than I am. We are total homebodies.

So, I found myself looking forward to Spring Break this week because we could do nothing..... no 7 am mornings, no lunches to make, no racing around to get to school, no extracurriculars, no Whistler.  Sweet sweet nothing.


suep said...

me too!

Renee said...

I can totally relate to this! Another reason why we're so compatible. :)

Anonymous said...

Jode it is so true.....as you know I can be a bit of a lime light seeker (hard to admit)....but as I get older...I just want to be home. Often alone. And I LOVE not having to get up, fight with the boys to get up, fight them to hurry up and get ready, fight over whats for breakfast and lunch. No rehearsals or gymnastics. Ahhhhhhhhh. I dreaded Sunday night as I knew it all had to start again. Arrrrrrg.


Renee said...

I was thinking about this blog post this morning and how this is one of the best parts of homeschooling for me - being in charge of our schedule and being able to easily call a "home day" whenever I want. :) It's going to be such an adjustment in the fall to have to be somewhere every day at a certain time! It will be good for all of us though. :)

Hiromi said...

I LOVE doing NOTHING!!! Can't wait till next year, when it will hopefully be 2 weeks of nothingness ;)

Bren said...

Can't relate. I think I might be the queen of cabin fever and would never, ever turn down a trip to Whistler. A spring break spent at home would be followed up by a trip to a mental institution for this mommy. Hope you enjoyed your week off.

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