Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kid Contest Details

We're having a contest this week!

With an actual prize!! The winner will receive a $15 gift card from iTunes, where you can redeem music, books, movies and apps. So, be sure to place your vote. Submit your answers in the form of leaving a comment, and make sure I know who you are, especially if you're submitting under "anonymous" or some other made-up name, like Mayan Love Goddess. I'll receive your votes and won't post them all until the contest deadline is over.

As you know, if you've been following the Vulva Watch this week, we are anxiously awaiting goat babies.
Rosie is getting closer and closer to labour, and we're gonna speed things up by having a contest.

Here are the details:

Question #1: What day will Rosie give birth? (see previous Vulva Watch posts for this week's progress reports.)
Question #2: How many kids will Rosie have? (first-timer here so we really have no idea. Does will have 1-5 kids, with 2-4 being the average.)
Question #3:  Will all the kids survive the pregnancy and the labour? (the harsh realities of the farm.)
Question #4: Will Rosie be able to provide milk to all of her kids with those malformed fish tail teats without us having to bottle-feed?

Each question acts as a tie breaker for the one above it. So, if you get the first one wrong, you are automatically out of the race.... unless nobody gets the first one right, in which case I'll move onto the second question. Get it?

Contest deadline is Monday at midnight, so March 7th at 11:59 pm.  (if the kids are born prior to that time, those answers submitted to me up to that time will stand.)

Good luck!


Nan said...

monday march 7
2 kids
No, just one

thelma said...

Survival: 100%
Augmenting with bottle after three days.

Call me as soon as she gives you THAT look...I am on standby!

AppleTree 43 said...

1. Wed
2. 2
3. yes
4. yes

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

First of all thanks for the shout-out to all of us "anonymous" and "made-up-name" people!! Make us feel special. :)

Answer #1: Rosie will give birth on March 11th.

Answer #2: Rosie will have 2 kids

Answer #3: Yes, all the kids survive the pregnancy and the labour.

Answer #4: No, Rosie be not able to provide milk to all of her kids with those malformed fish tail teats and you will need to bottle-feed.

Does it count if Rosie CAN feed her kids, but your rubes end up bottle-feeding anyway? (just curious)

Oh and for the record, my name is not made up, it was bestowed upon me through years of HARD work & experience. ;)

Brenda said...

1. Thursday
2. 2 kids
3. 100% survival
4. Bottle feed

Robyn said...

Ok here we go!
#1 Tues
#2 2 kids
#3 Yes they will survive
#4 No, you'll have to bottle feed

Joanne S. said...

Cool idea!! Here are my guesses...

1)the night of 11/12th of Mar.
2)two beautiful babies
4)yes( but I think only the rear left teat will function on that side)

This is so exciting!! :-)

thelma said...

Did I say yesterday? I meant Monday...ha! I just want to be right...I don't need a gift card!

WalkOn Border Collies said...

Wednesday, two, yes, yes.

Hiromi said...

Hope this works this time!

1. I think March 10, Thursday.
2. 2 very cute kids.
3. No casualties.
4. Will provide milk with encouragement. Rosie will be a little confused at first but will get the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

Jenna and I think that she will have the goats on
1) Saturday March 12th
2) She will have triplets
3) They will all survive! (it's the optimist in me - lol)
4) No - you will be on baby bottle duty =)

Other than the "survive" question, these all came from Jenna. I didn't feel like explaining the facts of farm life to her before bedtime.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Q #1 Thursday March 10th
Q #2 3 kids
Q #3 2 will survive
Q #4 Sadly she won't be able to provide milk for both kids.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jode,

Mason thinks two kids will arrive on March 17th, alive and well and enjoy a bountiful supply of milk from only one of those malformed tits of hers.

Carson thinks three kids will arrive March 14th, two of them alive and well, and as far as those boobies go....two will function and provide a splendor of milk.

Loves ya.

pitchick said...

1) March 9th b-day
2) two kids
3) both will survive
4) malformed teets will work like magic!

Glad I checked your blog this evening! Great work on it, Jodi...always a treat to read.

AppleTree 43 said...

come on is the day girlfriend. Push those babies out.

Renee said...

I'm feeling LUCKY! Let's go with:

1) Wednesday, 3/9
2) 2 girls
3) yes they'll both survive (and have cute fuzzy heads)
4) yes the teats will function fine

Hope I win!!

(I know, I'm a rube.....)

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