Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nothing says "I'm Canadian" more than hockey and Roll Up the Rim

Everywhere I turn right now, people are drinking from the ever-recognizable red and yellow cups, hoping to win something more than a donut or a free coffee (although I would settle for that even!). I don't normally go to Tim Hortons because I am a snobby Starbucks drinker, but at this time of year, I feel as though I am contributing to national pride or something like that just by buying a coffee. Yesterday I found myself nodding or waving in acknowledgement to other drivers sipping from their Roll up the Rim cups, in the same way that the drivers of Harley Davidsons or Volkswagen camper vans do when they pass on the road.
Every March,  since 1986, this rich Canadian tradition unifies us from coast to coast.

Tim Hortons history is steeped in hockey. For those of you who don't know, Tim Horton was a legendary Canadian hockey player who opened his first donut store in 1964, but tragically died in a car accident 10 years later. Since that time, Tim Hortons has become the largest food service company in Canada, overtaking even McDonald's, with almost 3100 stores across the country, and another 500 in the United States.
Nobody supports youth hockey in Canada like Tim Hortons. Their name and logo is smeared across kids jerseys everywhere, and their marketing and advertising campaigns have embraced the Canadian tradition.  If this commercial doesn't spur on some sort of pride of the Maple Leaf in you, and even bring a tear to your eye, then I question the integrity of your Canadian heritage....

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Renee said...

Tim Hortons has been on my To Do list since a long time ago when you had some sort of get-together (birthday party?) and one of the moms brought the TH version of donut holes (I don't remember what they're called) and I googled them to see what you were raving about. I will try the coffee this summer when I come visit you. :)

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