Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh My God, I love my Canucks!

Can I just gloat for a minute????? ( I know that there's a few Toronto Maple Leaf readers out there that are dying for a bandwagon to jump on this playoff season!! This is for you....)

First, with a month of regular season play left, they clinch our division. Then, with 3 weeks left, they clinch the conference title (for the first time in our league's history). And then...tonight....with 2 weeks left before playoff season begins, they secure up the President's Cup, the #1 position in the NHL!!!!!


( I know I got the fever when watching the Sedins gives me goosebumps and then draws me to tears. Man, have you EVER seen a couple of players like those guys??? It's eery watching them together on the ice. You just know they've had all of these plays worked out since spending those 9 long months cooped up in that tight little womb. It's definitely part of their wiring.)

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Renee said...

I gotta root for my home team - go Washington! :)

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