Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Best Kind of Gifts

It's true that the best kind of gifts are the ones that just keep on giving. Here it is the middle of March, and I have three Christmas gifts that I received this year that just continue to provide me with daily pleasure.

#1. From my mom and dad, used all day long, but appreciated the most first thing in the morning:

I wasn't sure initially how much we would use this thing. I don't drink a ton of coffee - usually just a cup a day or so (which has admittedly increased now to 2-3 cups a day...but my Starbucks habit has substantially decreased!)  The coffee that I like to drink is as black as tar, and made up mainly of jet fuel, and the rest of the family doesn't appreciate that same strength, so a coffee maker like this one is perfect for us. We can personalize our individual coffee drinks. Keurig sells a thousand different types of coffees and teas, and I've been ordering boxes from the States to pinpoint my favourites.
So far, hands down, my top choice is the Green Mountain Dark Magic blend. It is a rich, deep, dark and creamy coffee without a bitter taste, and more than enough of a morning kick to get me going.  And it comes in Decaf too. We also love the Bigelow's Green Tea and the Celestial Seasoning's India Chai Spice Tea.
A definite two thumbs up to the Keurig system!

#2. From B.Rube and the kids, used all day long, but appreciated the most on Movie Nights or parties:


Now, some of you may already know about my extreme popcorn obsession. I eat popcorn every day. I wrote about it a few years ago... And this year, we stepped it up a few notches by going pro!  And it's about friggin' time!!! This machine is amazing - can't say enough about its ease of use and yummy healthy results! I just add a tablespoon or two of olive oil and the kernels (and, of course, a bit of salt when it's all done).... delicious treat at the bar!!

#3.  From my brother-in-law and his longtime girlfriend (but, seriously, mainly from the longtime girlfriend, because it's kinda weird to think of my brother-in-law buying me this gift), used all day long, but definitely appreciated most as the night progresses:


What an awesome and exciting gift idea! (and certainly not solely enjoyed by me!!) This is a local Vancouver idea that you may have seen on the Dragon's Den a couple of years ago. It is a subscription for beautiful, high quality panties that get mailed directly to the sexy recipients. I received a 6-month subscription for Christmas, so am 4 months in, and LOVE every pair that have arrived in my mailbox! This is the pair that I got yesterday.  I totally highly recommend this unique gift idea - perfect as wedding season fast approaches too, as they have cool bridal packages.
How can you NOT like this gift???


Martha said...

Are you trying to get adsense back with all this shameless product placement ?

J.Rube said...

So what if I am? ;o)
Sadly, Adsense is gone, yes... you noticed... and it won't be coming back.
I'll try to get a dime outta Amazon if I can. :o)

Renee said...

We LOVE our Keurig too! I love how there's no coffee pot or filter to clean. :)

Anonymous said...

I acquired my addiction to popcorn many years back as a wonderful perk of being your childhood friend. Then, became addicted to theatre popcorn after working for Cineplex for a year. Alas, and sadly, I have recently had to give it up. Though I could still live off of is horrible on my gums...and causes me great pain for days after. I love love love your machine Jode!!!! I now have popcorn envy.

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