Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can I just vent for a bloody moment?

I know it's better than having some strange guy approach me in the grocery store and letting me know, but why should I have to be subjected to B.Rube gently informing me that I've got blood on the ass of my pants at all?????

Eh? It just doesn't seem fair, does it? I know I'm the one usually advocating that we celebrate our periods and honour that whole goddamn process, but sometimes enough is enough, you know?

I could almost see the snicker in his eyes as he told me.


Lise said...


I will try to offer up some solace, perhaps...?

we had an insurance saleswoman come to our house to let us know about the great options that we had through the plan she was offering.

after two long hours at the end of a long day of work we finally convinced her that we were not interested and she got up to leave.

as she walked to the door I observed a dessert plate size splotch of blood on the ass of her white pants...

first of all; who wears white pants during this "special" time and secondly, does this insurance you are offering cover your blood on my furniture?

for the record; the couch is gone now; it is safe to sit down again!

Anonymous said...

Laughing more at Lise comment....

J.Rube. --- OK --- here's what you do. Put a big giant blotch of ketchup on the ass of B.Rubes shorts....khaki's or something the night before.
Let him walk around the farm admirring all his newly acquired animals from the auction....and then let him have it.
Ah --- B.Rube/Babe/Sweetie....I think you've had an accident.
You know the old story
"thougth I farted but I really shit"....
Yes, I've had a few drinks ...Ok a bottle --- tonight.
God Bless America
Happy Labor Day
MaMa P

Magnolia said...

OMG MaMa P!!!!
I love it!!!!
That is terrrrrrrrrrific!!!

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