Friday, August 29, 2008

Yet Another T.Rube Pooping Incident

I'll let S.Rube tell you all about this one...


Magnolia said...

Too freakin funny!!!!!!!!!

Poor S.Rube.

I feel for her.

When I was little, my brother and I used to bath together. He pooped in the tub too. Only....when he did it...well....there were multiple brown torpedos and they floated immediately to the top...toward me....and I jumped out so fast that I slipped and fell on the wet tile....right on my ass...and cried hysterically until my mom and dad came rushing in.

THEY thought it was very funny. I disagreed.

Glad S.Rube's experience wasn't as tramatizing. LOL

Did I mention the time he peed in my mouth? LOL
(That's for another day. LOL)

mlatulip said...

Poop or no poop... Little Miss S is FREAKING CUTE AS A BUTTON!! ROFL!!

What a darling child.

Anonymous said...

Good Girl Yourself Miss S.Rube
Great play by play of the incident.
You are a darling.

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