Thursday, August 28, 2008


Toilet Training T.Rube

I'm not a super-vigilant, pushy and overly structured mom. I don't even attempt the toilet training whatsoever until they do. As a result, T.Rube hasn't gone pee or poo in the potty yet. Up until about 3 weeks ago, she had shown no interest in the whole idea (other than insisting on examining my own poo, sometimes before it's even hit the water.) But, lately, she'll ask once in a while to be put up on the toilet. She hasn't produced anything yet, but she's starting to get the concept.

So, on Sunday night, we are in a hotel room and T.Rube told me she wanted to go poop on the toilet. So, I put her on the toilet. She pushes like she is going to go poop, but doesn't come out with anything. A few minutes in, she gives up and wants down.
I leave her without a diaper, and continue organizing our clothes.
She comes to get me again a few minutes later, telling me she has to poop. I take her to the bathroom to put her on the toilet and she squats down to point at the floor right at the front of the toilet - where there sits two decent-sized logs. She points and says "poop, mommy, poop".

She did it. Kind of.
The intent was there. She had the right idea.

So, we celebrated her shitting on the floor.

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Alissa said...

LOL! Sounds like she has the concept down but just couldn't get up on the potty! Please tell me you took a picture to scrapbook this momentous occasion.

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