Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Sanity Secret

I have a summer secret that is slowly leaking out. It is part of what helps me stay sane (argueable)and have a little fun (also argueable), and I figure, as we have approached that halfway point of summer vacation, some of you may be looking for any bit of fucking help that you can find, in your last ditch attempt to find sanity and fun for yourselves this summer season.
(although I have a friend whose husband will swear it made him insane and I'm sure he's not the only one with this story. He'll tell you he entered into a 3-month anxiety attack that prevented him from even going to work. It's THAT good!!)

(you can click on that pink rev word to check out their website.)
Frozen Rev. Packed in every little lunch cooler and snack pack you put together this summer. (Provided you are on the outing. Please don't pack frozen Rev drinks for your kids for summer camp. The guarana in there could really fuck them up, never mind the 7% alcohol. You'll have Child Protection on your ass faster than the mosquitoes can eat you up in Fort Langley, or the flies on the Rube Farm gather on a clump of fresh sheep shit.) Forget about ice packs. You don't need them. All you need are frozen Revs. They help to keep your lunch cool, while melting at the perfect speed to provide you with a delicious slushy caffeine-filled vodka drink all day long. (and who doesn't need a good dose of caffeine and vodka to pick them up in the afternoon, I ask??) Their inconspicuous plastic bottles and blue-freezee colour make Rev the perfect undercover bevvy.

Try it. You'll wish the summer lasted until at least October. At which point, we will have to explore the hot toddy options for the fall and winter season.

(You may have Child Protection on your ass regardless.)

(Now if we can only find an American alternative for my unfortunate friends to the south.)


Alissa said...

DAMN! I looked them up and it is only a Canadian thing!! I must find something like that here! It sounds wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow "south of the border" friends.
You can make your own rev.
Mt. Dew Amp -- Revolution.
Pour contents of can in a plastic bottle of your choice 3/4 full, then add Vodka. Freeze overnight and you'll be good to go.
Or == you can choose a healthy version which I like to freeze up the night before I hit the beach for the day..........Cranberry, Pineapple Juice, a wedge of lime and vodka --- all in an empty water bottle. They (meaning I usually take more than one) -- slowly defrost as you sit in the sand and enjoy the beach.
Jersey Girl Ma Ma Peg

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