Monday, August 11, 2008

Bunny Tragedy

(Don't worry. There aren't any pictures.)

A horrible horrible thing happened overnight. (warning: sad event)

Mama Rabbit panicked and removed all of her babies from their nest, killing them. God, I hate shit like this on the farm. Mother rabbits are highly defensive and, possibly because I went in there yesterday, even though I didn't touch the babies and I did the whole scent thing on her nose and I wore gloves, she freaked out. Her cage is also attached to other females and this may have heightened her fears. I found two of the babies had been pulled through the cage by these other two does.

I guess the other option is that the babies fell out of the box (there's a little lip on the bottom to prevent this.) At which point, Mama didn't know what to do. (because, remember, I did find that other dead one the other day outside of the box.)

This morning, I found she had pulled all the fur out of the box. And her 7 young kits were strewn about the cage. One was in the cage next door and one was in between, caught in the wiring.
It was a horrifying and ugly scene. That I had to deal with, as B.Rube is at work. I'm having a bad morning.

Sorry. No cute bunny updates for a while. :o(


Magnolia said...

Oh J.Rube.....that's so sad....
Poor momma bunny.
You are one tough cookie...I don't know how well I could handle the daily farm stuff you deal with.
Hope your afternoon is better than your morning.

Anonymous said...

Awh, the poor little things.
So sorry you were on your own for this "farm" tragedy.
So sad.

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