Thursday, August 21, 2008

Butterfly Birthday Baking with J.Rube

Just add your cake mix directly into the cones - about 2/3 of the way up. I didn't add quite enough to mine.

Bake as you normally would bake cupcakes, keeping an eye on them. You should do smaller batches than I did, cuz the ones in the middle of the pan didn't do as well as the ones on the outsides.

Looking good, looking good.....

I mixed up some purple icing. I LOVE this part of the process! Doesn't it look cool?

After icing, I added some candies in the shapes of beautiful butterflies.


lise said...

oh my god...from Ani DiFranco to freakin' Martha Stewart!!!!

great job; they are beautiful and the purple is so very pretty (a la Barney genitalia!)

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the creativity.
You obviously have not been attending to the animals if you had enough time for these wonderful Cupcake cones.....LOL
You know who!

Magnolia said...

Very very cute...
I may suprise Hannah Banana with these for her birthday party Saturday. She is two tomorrow. Where does the time go?
They really are lovely.
What did you use for the wings?

J.Rube said...

Use the Bond Foods or Dare fruit slices, but cut them in half (the long way) to make them skinnier, cuz they're too thick otherwise.
Easy and cute!

Family Of Five said...

SO cute! Aren't you creative! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss J.Rube
OK -- I'm gonna go back to the "donkey dinky" soon if you don't post something new going on at the Rube Farm soon? Come new animals, no new events.....
Ma Ma P

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